Global Imagination

Global Imagination® makes the Magic Planet® digital video globe - the digital display with a sphere-shaped screen. We also supply software, content and services that enable you to present dynamic global information and promotional media in the most compelling and interactive way possible.

Together with our partners and our user community, we can provide you with complete solutions that deliver an excellent return on your Magic Planet investment in the shortest possible timeframe.

With its stunning visual impact, Magic Planets provide a truly captivating experience – people take one look and drag others over to watch. Owning a Magic Planet means that more people will pay attention to your story, they’ll pay attention for longer, and they’ll have a more lasting connection to you and your organization. This makes the Magic Planet ideal for any situation in which effective communication is critical - whether it’s for education and outreach, executive briefing, situation awareness, marketing, promotion, or any other mission. 

With a Magic Planet, the possibilities are as boundless as your creativity.

The Magic Planet shines at the center of the K•A•CARE exhibition in Saudi Arabia
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New Magic Planet installation helps tell the story of water...

Questions & pricing
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"Thanks to NASA for providing the [Magic Planet] interactive globe, an innovative and engaging way of teaching young people about our world."
President Barack Obama "Educate to Innovate" Campaign

This equipment is the best for the money. When we got Magic Planet, Mayo was the only school in the world that had it; but within two weeks, we had other schools contacting us.
Bob Snyder
Instructional Technologist
Rochester School District