Global Imagination

Our Company

Global Imagination makes the Magic Planet™ digital video globe - the digital display with a sphere shaped screen. We also supply software, content and services that enable public, private and government organizations to present global information and global context in the most compelling way possible. Together with our partners, we provide customers with complete solutions that deliver a rapid and intuitive understanding of dynamic global systems and situations, whatever the application.

Our Mission

Global Imagination's mission is to improve the way people perceive, explore and act upon global information.

Our Goal

We are a mission-driven company focused on coupling innovation with traditional business values. We measure our success by:
  • Customer and partner loyalty;
  • Employee longevity and satisfaction; and
  • Our ability to foster a deeper desire to learn about planets in the universe.

Our Founders

Located in Campbell, California, we were formed in 2002 to commercialize a new way to display information about planets, and to make its benefits as broadly available as possible. Our founders, Mike Foody, Steve Utt, and Phil Rubesin, are three Silicon Valley executives, each with over 20 years of experience building successful private companies. The Magic Planet is Steve's brainchild.

Our Products

Our first product line is the Magic Planet. Its primary benefits are that it:
  • Captures people's attention and imagination - the most fundamental prerequisite of effective communication;
  • Enables customers to tell their stories with greater impact, by making their points more quickly and effectively; and
  • Engenders enduring interest in the subject matter, which is key to fostering deep understanding on a topic.
One look and you'll see how our Magic Planet products spark the imagination. One demonstration and you'll not only understand how they effectively communicate global information and global context, but also you'll feel how they help to tell compelling stories. Talk to a person who has watched a Magic Planet for a few minutes and you'll hear how they learned something about a planet that they didn't know before, and hear how they're interested by the opportunity to repeat the experience.

Last Word

Whether your audience is children in a museum, adults at a tradeshow, executives in a space systems organization, or senators and congressmen, a Magic Planet sparks their interest and captures their imagination.