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The Magic Planet Community

Global Imagination believes that the relationship we have with our customers is the most important part of our business. Our goal is to make sure that customers, both existing and new, receive a high impact return on their Magic Planet investment in the shortest possible time. To that end, we have worked to develop a rich library of content sourced from the community of Magic Planet users around the world.

New and existing customers alike have access to an extensive amount of professionally developed images, animations, videos and interactive material for their Magic Planet systems. In addition, we offer a variety of “exhibits” that combine a professionally-designed touchscreen interface with corresponding globe content. Some of these exhibits are customizable templates that allow users to edit the content and text, significantly reducing the time and money it takes to develop an exhibit and helping customers begin recouping their investment. 

Our repository of exhibits, animations and templates serve two purposes. First, it serves to reduce the cost of building exhibits and promotional media, and second, it exposes an organization’s work to potentially hundreds of thousands of people who view the Magic Planet annually. When a customer shares their content or exhibit with our community of users, everyone benefits!

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