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Magic Planet at Intel is a Hit
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President Obama with NASA's Magic Planet    
obama globe dynamic planet
President Barack Obama praised the virtues of the Magic Planet during his announcement of the administration's Educate to Innovate campaign, calling it "an innovative and engaging way of teaching young people about our world." Behind President Obama was NASA's Magic Planet, which has been used by the space agency to educate the public about important earth and space topics.

NASA isn't the only US Government institution to make use of the Magic Planet; the National Science Foundation, U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Geological Survey and many others have their own Magic Planets. The Magic Planet also has been hailed as a breakthrough teaching tool by the Chinese Ministry of Education, which concluded that student comprehension significantly improves with its use.

The Obama administration's Educate to Innovate campaign is meant to help students excel in science, technology, engineering, and math - and the Magic Planet helps through engaging, interactive content. You can learn more about the Magic Planet by writing us at,


Visitors Interact with the Magic Planet at Intel

intel magic planet dynamic digital video globe display
The Magic Planet can make a big impact in corporate settings, and Intel is just one example.  At Intel headquarters' company museum in Santa Clara, CA, a custom-designed, pedestal-mounted Magic Planet is wowing visitors.  The 360 view helps tell visitors the history of the computer in a compelling way, using real-time global weather as a backdrop.  Intel's design makes use of Magic Planet's multi-user capabilities by placing trackballs on opposite sides of the pedestal.  Visitors use the trackballs to interact with the sphere's multimedia content, enabling them to explore the Intel story in their own way and at their own pace.

Intel's museum hosts thousands of visitors every year in its 10,000-square-foot public museum, and features over 30 interactive exhibits. The Museum is open to visitors Monday thru Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm and Saturdays from 10:00am - 5:00pm.

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The content available for the nasa touchscreen exhibit magic planetMagic Planet keeps growing, and the quality is even more engaging and dynamic than ever.  Available for free to our customers through our community website (or in the case of extremely large exhibits, by contacting Global Imagination); our library of attention-grabbing content from premiere contributors provides ready-made solutions for new exhibits, and new options for existing installations.
Two of the amazing new additions to our content library include the following creations:

NASA Science Exhibit - NASA has developed a fascinating touch screen exhibit, unique to the Magic Planet, about their science programs: Earth Science; Heliophysics; Planetary Science; and Astrophysics. The exhibit covers almost fifty different topics and provides over 17GB of images and animations. For each, the exhibit explains not only the satellites and instruments used to create them, but also how the measurements relate to exhibit visitors.

Energy Revolution - the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory has developed an inspiring, in-depth look at how rising temperatures are changing Earth's climate and the ways that renewable energy technologies can help address the problem by reducing carbon emissions. The movie examines research into five transformational renewable energy technologies: cellulosic ethanol fuel, energy-efficient buildings, solar cells, new batteries and Smart Grid electrical transmission.

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 CEO, Mike Foody Presenting at ATLE
ATLE Magic Planet Digital Video Globe
The Magic Planet was the highlight of the Alberta Technology Leaders in Education (ATLE) Conference which drew educators and technology specialists from throughout Alberta including Calgary and Edmonton.  In partnership with Sharp's Audio Visual - Canada's largest reseller of SMART Technology's SMART Board - Global Imagination CEO, Mike Foody, presented to attendees at the conference how the Magic Planet helps improve student outcomes; in fact, a major research study by the Chinese Ministry of Education found the Magic Planet so effective that it became part of the Ministry's technology standard earlier this year.

The ATLE Conference was the kickoff for the launch of the Magic Planet for K-12 in Canada - and it was a rousing success according to Global Imagination's education partner, Sharp's AV. "I see a lot of new technology, but [the Magic Planet] is the most exciting new product I have seen in a very long time.", said Connie McEgan, an owner at Sharp's AV.  For more information about the Magic Planet for the education market or more detail on the CMoE research results please contact us at 408-866-6800.


  The Children Museum's EarthWatch Exhibit 

greenville exhibit The Greenville, S.C. Children's Museum is using the Magic Planet to make environmentalism come alive - all while meeting the custom needs of museum staff. EarthWatch... I Can Be An Environmentalist! is an interactive exhibit located in the museum's performance room.
EarthWatch shows how versatile and modular the Magic Planet can be. Pins in the exhibition floor hold the entire system in place; but if the performance space needs to be used, the pins are quickly removed and the system is rolled away. The flexibility of the Magic Planet also shows in its ease of operation; administrative tasks are remotely carried out from a separate, centralized location.

The Magic Planet at EarthWatch displays live data from satellites. Lexington and Harvest Moon collaborated on the design and development of the EarthWatch animations, which use touchscreen technology so children can interact with content about the climate, ecology, oceanography, the sun, planets, and more.

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    Cover Image from Imagine Magazine

qatar engine room magic planet video When the Conoco Phillips Global Water Sustainability Center wanted to illustrate the water crisis, they looked to Global Imagination's Magic Planet digital globe for the answer. Not only does the Magic Planet provide a stunning visual impact, but its state-of-the-art platform allows for complex stories to be told in universal, easily understood ways. And for content creators, by using our software tools, producing these stories for the Magic Planet is quick and easy.

Matthew Rogers teamed with Peter Swanson, President and Founder of Global Visions, to produce an eight-minute video for the Magic Planet at the Qatar Science and Technology Park. There were unique challenges to the project - Rogers had to figure out how to tell the story using a combination of new and existing media - so people all around the globe could see it. He turned to FullGlobe, our AfterEffects plugin, which helped him shape the media for the Magic Planet in no time. "FullGlobe did most of the heavy lifting for this project," said Rogers.
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