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March 3, 2011
Superintendent Wins Award for Tech Integration with Magic Planet

Charles County Public School Superintendent, James E. Richmond has won the 2011 Alan Shepard Technology in Education Award for his role in helping bring STEM-focused education to the students in his school system. One of the projects mentioned in the press release is the inclusion of Magic Planets in Charles County Public Schools. Click here to read the announcement.


Jan 12, 2011
Global Imagination Newsletter

Check out the latest newsletter from Global Imagination, including stories about the exciting ways customers are using the Magic Planet to communicate with, and educate the public. Read it now by clicking here.


Oct 12, 2011
Gippsland Water Factory Wins Prestigious Education Award

The Gippsland Water Factory in Australia has won an impressive award for it's new facility that features a Magic Planet display. Read the press release here.



July 8 , 2010
Global Imagination Summer Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is now online and includes information about our new Dual HD Magic Planet, the portable PufferSphere Magic Planet and some unique exhibit installations. To read this issue, click here.


May 24 , 2010
New Product from Global Imagination

Global Imagination announces its 2.9 million pixel Dual HD Magic Planet.
Read the PDF press release by clicking here.


March 16, 2010
Global Imagination Spring Newsletter

Read the March 2009 newsletter from Global Imagination and find out about the latest news, updates and customer stories. Just click here.


December 15 , 2009
Global Imagination Winter Newsletter

Read the December 2009 newsletter from Global Imagination and find out about the latest news, updates and customer stories. Just click here.


November 23, 2009
Magic Planet Showcased at President Obama's Address

President Obama was supported by a Magic Planet today when he unveiled his administration’s Educate to Innovate campaign. Read the article and download the press release here.


October 2009
Global Imagination Fall Newsletter

Our latest Fall 2009 newsletter has been mailed out. If you haven't seen a copy, just click here to read about the latest technology updates, content and customer implementations of the Magic Planet.


January 2009
Global Imagination Winter Newsletter

Global Imagination's winter newsletter is now available for viewing online. To learn about the latest products, updates and news, just click here.


December 2008
Global Imagination® at the Olympics!

Beijing, China

A Global Imagination 5 foot Magic Planet was recently on display in the Caring World exhibition at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The exhibition focused on critical global health challenges and on how companies around the world are providing solutions. Produced by Thinc Design, the Magic Planet exhibit helped to display research and educational initiatives regarding health issues such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and heart disease. The Magic Planet was showcased on top of a brilliant white base, which enhanced the impact of the images rotating around the globe.


December 2008
Adventure Science Center

Nashville, TN

Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee recently debuted a 15,000 square foot exhibit hall entitled Space Chase. A 5 foot Magic Planet is its central focal point, as part of a feature exhibit entitled Worlds of Wonder. The Magic Planet is used to tell the story of the Solar System not just in ways we can see but also with topographic maps, atmospheric data, geological features, and more. The exhibit was developed by Ideum and Superior Exhibits.

adventure science center

December 2008
First Magic Planet® in
South America

Santiago, Chile

The Museo Interactivo Mirador in Santiago, Chile features the first Magic Planet in South America - a 3 foot Magic Planet in their newly constructed Science and Technology gallery. The Magic Planet resides on a specially fabricated circular enclosure with an embedded touch screen. They based their exhibit upon the Solar System Tour, originally provided to our Customer Community by the Universidade de Coimbra in Portugal. Museo Interactivo Mirador translated the exhibit into Spanish, and is kindly making the translation available to all Global Imagination customers. According to Rodrigo Nunez, the Sub Director of Operations, the new exhibit has been an exceptional draw for visitors, bringing in over 65,000 during its opening week.


November 2008
AMNH Debuts New Exhibit

New York , NY

The American Museum of Natural History recently opened an exhibit entitled “Climate Change: The Threat to Life and a New Energy Future.”  The exhibit features four Magic Planets – one each to highlight climate change questions and answers on at atmosphere, ice, land, and ocean.  It’s a traveling exhibit – ultimately two copies will be touring the world.  The exhibit was featured on ABC News:



October 2008
“In the Public Eye-Science Centers at the Crossroads of Science and Culture”

Philadelphia, PN

ASTC 2008: Hosted by the Franklin Institute.


May 2008
Global Imagination® Announces Three New Software Applications

Los Gatos, CA

Global Imagination today announced that three exciting new software applications are available for the Magic Planet®:

• NASA World Wind – Magic Planet Edition;

• TourGuide;

• ActiveEarth - Magic Planet Edition

For more information visit: Global Imagination products page

May 2008
Global Imagination Displays ChromaDepth® 3-D Images on the Magic Planet

Los Gatos, CA

At AAM Museum Expo 2007, Global Imagination has for the first time publicly displayed 3-D images on the Magic Planet using ChromaDepth holographic technology. Ideal for exhibits, displays and classrooms, using ChromaDepth HD glasses with the Magic Planet is a simple inexpensive way to achieve an attention-getting 3D depth effect. Whether you want to show more vividly the depth of the oceans and the height of ocean currents; the illusion of clouds floating over the earth; or logos appearing to “rise above” the surface of the Magic Planet, using ChromaDepth 3-D glasses with the Magic Planet makes it easy to accomplish.

Come see us in Booth #431

January 2007
Smithsonian Institution

Washington, DC

Smithsonian traveling exhibit features the Magic Planet®. View the press release

April 23-27, 2007

Honolulu, HI

NOAA uses Magic Planet® to explain climate, tsunamis, earthquakes, space and weather all week on KHNL TV series Watch the Videos

April 22, 2007
2007: A Space Odyssey

Virginia Air & Space Center, Hampton, VA

The latest exhibit at Hampton's Air and Space Center takes you on an adventure to Mars with a 5ft Magic Planet®

View the article:

January 2007
Coming shortly to the Middle East and Scandinavia, the Magic Planet…

Global Imagination
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco, a fully integrated international petroleum company with the world's largest oil reserves - over one quarter of the global total, is building a new exhibition and conference center at its headquarters in Saudi Arabia and will be using the Magic Planet to show information about geology, oil and also specially created media movies about the company. Met Studio in London are the designers of the exhibits and are creating content for the Magic Planet. Saudi Aramco is using a 61cm (2 foot) Magic Planet with an EVO2+ for which Met Studio has designed a cube-like enclosure.

VILVITE, Bergen Norway

Vilvite is a brand new science center that will open in May 2007 in Marineholm, Bergen, Norway. Its focus is natural history and technology. They will be using the Magic Planet to show a myriad of things to do with the earth, climate, local interest information and much more. They have purchased a 1.2m ( 4 foot) Magic Planet using a Barco SLM R12+ projector.


Technichus, a science center in Härnösand, Sweden, is a scientific adventure for all ages; a building full of exciting activities and exhibits that makes it easier to understand how the world works. They have chosen a 61cm Magic Planet with pedestal, using an EVO+2 projector. They will be showing earth and planetary data in a traveling exhibition from March, 2007.


Jordan’s children will be able to explore and learn more about the world around them through a Children’s Museum which aims to create interactive learning experiences, encouraging and nurturing lifelong learning for children and their families. Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah underlined that the museum would seek to expand its outreach to engage children from remote communities through developing various outreach programs and facilities with the aim of bridging the knowledge and exposure gap. The Museum will also work with and encourage the Ministry of Education to ensure that regular organized access to the museum is provided to all children. The Children's Museum is a project initiated by Queen Rania stemming from her commitment to children’s education, well-being, and development. Complementing the national curriculum by providing a supplementary learning experience that builds on classroom learning, the museum enhances children’s appreciation of their national identity by exposing them to the diverse elements of the Jordanian environment; flora and fauna, geology, archaeology, history and culture. Aiming to become a flagship children’s museum of world distinction and a regional leader among museums and cultural institutions serving children and families in the Arab world, the Children’s Museum will be the first interactive and educational institution of its kind in Jordan and will be situated prominently within Al-Hussein Park. The museum has purchased the 61cm ( 2 foot ) Magic Planet and will be showing exhibits about space and earth.

June 2006
2 New Large Globe Customers for Global Imagination

Global Imagination
Los Gatos, CA

In May, Statoil will unveil a 5’ display in their corporate office in Trondheim, Norway. Statoil is the world’s third largest exporter of crude oil, and the biggest producer of North Sea crude.

In June, San Diego Aerospace (SDAM) Museum will unveil a 4’ globe as part of their aerospace exhibition. Home to the Command Module from the Apollo 9 mission, the San Diego Air & Space Museum celebrates the history of aviation and space flight, educates the public in aerospace technology, and inspires young people of all ages to excel in math and the sciences.

May 1-3 2006
Fourth GOES-R Users' Conference

Omni Interlocken Resort, Broomfield, CO

Visit us in the NOAA booth, where we will have the Magic Planet on display.

March 26th
Mutual Concerns of Air and Space Musuem

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Chantilly, VA

Come see the Magic Planet showcased at The Mutual Concerns of Air and Space Museums Seminar. The seminar focuses on the needs of the air and space museum community. This international meeting hosts directors, educators, exhibit designers, development staff, historians, collections managers, administrators, and other air and space museum professionals.

March 26-30
ARDA 2006

Venetian Resort Hotel & Casio
Las Vegas, NV

Come see the Magic Planet Showcased in the Hemisphere Worldwide Travel Booth #404. Learn how to capture your customer’s attention and keep it by viewing your products on the Magic Planet.

The ARDA Convention and Exposition is the industry’s leading event that provides new directions, information and services for all resort development professionals.

Apr 27- May 1

Boston, MA

Global Imagination is announcing new technology and will demonstrate the Magic Planet video globe system at the American Association for Museums (AAM) Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo™2006 Apr 27- May 1 in Boston, Massachusetts , USA. Come see us at the show - Booth 100!
the American Association for Museums

June 8, 2005
His Majesty King Carl Gustaf of Sweden sees the Magic Planet at ATCM

Global Imagination demonstrates the Magic Planet video globe system at the Antarctic Treaty Consultive Meeting (ATCM) conference in Stockholm Sweden. More than 300 researchers, experts and representatives for some 50 governments and international organisations have gathered in Stockholm for two weeks, from 6-17 June. They take part in an annual meeting with the parties who signed the Antarctic Treaty, which guarantees that the continent is used for peaceful purposes. Among those attending was His Majesty King Carl Gustaf of Sweden who received a special presentation of the Magic Planet from Global Imagination's European Director, Máire Hanley.
Pictures of the Magic Planet at ATCM
The King of Sweden gets a presentation of the Magic Planet

January 19, 2005
NASA displays one of their Magic Planets at the U.S. Presidential Inauguration

As part of Inauguration Week activities, NASA hosted visitors to the nation's capital in a tent on the Ellipse across the street from Constitution Hall. The NASA exhibition at the "Celebration of America" event featured the Magic Planet exhibit Earth, Moon, Mars and Beyond.

January 14, 2005
ESA unveils a Magic Planet exhibit for the Cassini-Huygens landing

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Huygens space probe landed on Saturn’s moon, Titan, Friday January 14.  Shortly before the landing, at the Spacecraft Operations Centre in Darmstadt Germany - the Huygens control centre – ESA unveiled a Magic Planet exhibit focused upon the Cassini-Huygens mission.

Video Download

See the Magic Planet in Action!