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Hemisphere at Virginia Air & Space Museum 
hemisphere Global Imagination now offers the Magic Planet Hemisphere. This new solution provides a big impact in a fraction of the space. With a Magic Planet Hemisphere, you get twice the effective resolution at less than half the cost. The Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton, Virginia was looking for just such a solution when they chose a 5ft (1.5m) hemisphere for their Space Quest permanent exhibit. Now their visitors use an interactive touchscreen to view animated images of the Earth, moon, sun, and Mars on a wall-mounted hemisphere. Global Imagination now offers Magic Planet Hemispheres in sizes ranging from 3ft (91cm) to 5ft (1.5m). Contact our sales team today at info@globalimagination.com

Global Imagination now rents the Magic Planet PufferSphere™. With diameters of 5.25ft (1.6m) and 6.5ft (2m) - it's big, it's impressive, and its inflatable sphere makes it highly portable. The Magic Planet PufferSphere offers a dramatic media experience at one-time special events such as tradeshows, product launches, conventions, and concerts. Genentech, NASA, and Netflix are among Global Imagination's customers who are already taking advantage of this new rental solution. To rent the Magic Planet PufferSphere or to purchase one of your own, call 1-408-866-6800.
new globe

The next generation globe is now here. The Global Imagination Black Pearl™ coating gives the Magic Planet a truer, more intense color and images on these new globes have higher contrast and a sharper image. In addition, the Black Pearl has even better performance in ambient lighting. The new Black Pearl globes are 100% compatible with existing systems and offer a low-cost option to upgrade your Magic Planet and capture viewers' attention like never before. To get a quote on a Black Pearl upgrade, contact our sales team: info@globalimagination.com

exhibit sample Not only is the Magic Planet innovative and eye-catching technology, but Global Imagination offers all its customers access to engaging, informative, and attention-grabbing content. For new customers this offers a ready-to-go solution. For current customers this offers a constant source of new content that draws new visitors and keeps the previous ones coming back.
Two of the hottest additions to our content library include the following NASA creations:
Frozen Video - NASA presents a spectacular new movie that depicts the changing Earth. Frozen focuses on the Earth's icy poles and places where the temperature doesn't generally rise above water's freezing point. It shows how scientists are using data from these areas of our planet to address critical issues of global climate change.
NASA Earth Science Touch Screen Exhibit - NASA has developed a fascinating exhibit about their global Earth Observation program. The exhibit covers twenty-four different global measurements that NASA satellites collect. For each, the exhibit explains not only the satellite and instrument used to create the animations, but also how the measurement relates to us and our environment.

Contact us at info@globalimagination.com for more information.


 Magic Planet in the Mineral Gallery Wing

TellusWhen the Weinman Mineral Museum decided to expand from 9,000 to 120,000 sq ft and become the Tellus: Northwest Georgia Science Museum, they had a big vision. A large part of that vision included turning the original museum into a mineral gallery designed to explore how our Earth works.

"The Magic Planet was a perfect fit," said Jose Santamaria, Executive Director of the museum. Which is why they chose a 5' Magic Planet to be a centerpiece of the new mineral gallery.

The Tellus Science Museum selected a paleographic animation created by scientist Chris Scotese to illustrate the continental drift over 600 million years. They even had a red dot added to the animation to identify where Georgia is from start to the present day.

"It makes so much more sense on a sphere," Santamaria noted. Visitors agree, as nearly 154,000 people have made their way through the museum since they opened the doors on the expansion in January of this year. They will stop at the Magic Planet and watch the red dot of Georgia make its way across the globe with the continents.

Not only have regular visitors enjoyed the new exhibit, but over 25,000 students from the northwest Georgia schools have had an opportunity to participate in staff directed programs that align with the state standards for science in education. Another 31,000 are already scheduled to participate in the new school year and will attend the two hour presentations which include guided instruction through the gallery with the Magic Planet and hands-on lab activities.

Santamaria says that plans are already being considered for other presentations using the Magic Planet, possibly including lunar landings. One of the advantages of being a part of the Global Imagination community is the access to additional ready-made exhibits, images, and animations.

The Tellus Science Museum is enjoying the interest the Magic Planet is receiving from adults and children alike. Santamaria concluded, "It's one of the center pieces of the mineral gallery and adds a dynamic punch to the exhibits. It's been very cool to have - it's drawn a lot of people in."